All in Interviews

Hope Knight

I recently had the great opportunity to interview Hope Knight, art teacher extraordinaire. She also maintains the amazing blog, Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists.

Lauralee Chambers

This month I interviewed Lauralee Chambers, an ambitious art teacher who is always coming up with fresh and exciting new lessons. She offers some really great, positive insight into this demanding profession.

Craig Kane

To kick off the new school year, I’m beyond excited for this interview with Craig Kane. This particular interview has special resonance for me, since I was a student teacher in his NYC classroom back when I was just getting started.

Lee Fairchild

June’s interview is with Lee Fairchild, an art educator who was teaching in NYC for several years, but is now teaching at a school in Reykjavík, Iceland. Check out the interview to learn how she made this adventure happen!

Don Masse

May’s interview is with the very influential Don Masse. Don has a refreshing and singular approach to art education, which we talk about in great detail.

Nic Hahn

This month I interviewed the Minnesota Art Teacher of the Year, Nic Hahn.  She shares her views on the important topics of time management, community connectedness and much more.